The aim is to challenge the audience’s perception of luxury. The provocative architecture, with its sophisticated details and finishes, will create a sense of tension and tactility when juxtaposed against exposed raw building materials. 

Like a gallery, the space is transforming and evolving. With new artworks and objects regularly introduced, it will constantly feel fresh and relevant and will be a memorable experience worth recommending and revisiting.

The architecture undergoes metamorphosis during the guests’ stay.

They will be encouraged to interact with spaces: transforming the

lounge to tranquil bathing room and the kitchen to restful bedroom. 

The experience will feel uniquely “Fitzroy” with its interactive and engaging architecture, styling and artworks being subversive, design centric and edgy. 

The opportunity to purchase goods from within the space will mean that the experience will transcend beyond the guests’ visit.

microLUXE represents ‘the ultimate hotel room’ – an edgy, rough luxe space furnished with cutting edge f designed furniture, homewares and lighting, with artwork by talented Australian artists, books by local authors and much more. Each and every item can be 

purchased on the spot as part the stay a new vision for retail - quiet simply you are able to try before you buy!