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A unique opportunity for visionaries & dreamers to test the market. A means to occupy & gain prominent high street exposure on busy Smith Street in the heart of Collingwood. A chance to add vitality, excitement & test innovation in the retail landscape

A store-front on Smith Street in the heart of Collingwood. Equiped & ready to engage with your audience. Specifically aimed at design-focused brands & start-ups looking to test their ideas, to launch & sell products. An opportunity to create an experience & engage with your audience. Rent for a day, a week, a month.

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the space

A neutral & refined backdrop for brands. A cultural destination in the heart of Collingwood.

The interior is a flexible & neutral space within the overall volume of the store. Combining the material warmth & tactility of wood in an internal cocoon-like space. The space is animated through adjustable display elements, furniture & lighting to allow the ambience to change with its use.

408 Smith_Kerrin Shopfront.jpeg

brand space

408 Smith provides a space to define the brand’s essence.

A physical retail platform creating an experience that provides inspiration, delight & a unique connection to the customer. Offering a transformative & flexible retail space connecting brands to a wider community whilst fostering an exclusive experience

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