details : STORE & studio

A flexible space to launch ideas



“An opportunity for visionaries & dreamers. A means to occupy the high street. A chance to add vitality, excitement & innovation.”

A store-front on Smith Street in the heart of Collingwood. Ready to use. Ready to engage with your audience. Aimed at design focused brands & collaborators to test their ideas, launch & sell products.

Create an experience - without the restrictions of an expensive long lease.

Rent for a day, a week, a month.

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the space

“A neutral backdrop for brands. A cultural destination in the heart of Collingwood.”

"The aim was to create a flexible space within the overall volume of the building by combining the materiality of wood in an internal cocoon-like space. Bringing the space to life through adjustable display elements, furniture & lighting to allow the ambience to change with its use."  

408 Smith_Kerrin Shopfront.jpeg

the studio

“An experimental architecture and design studio focusing on creating innovative spaces & experiences”

Studio Edwards’ practice model centres on ideas incubation and the commitment to question, investigate & learn.

“For me, it’s not just about a top-down way of thinking about design; it’s about connection, bringing people together and identifying alternative ways to make projects happen.” Ben Edwards

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